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Progressively Enhancing CSS Layout: From Floats To Flexbox To Grid (off-site)

on Smashing Magazine

When can I start using CSS grid layout?” “Too bad that it’ll take some more years before we can use grid in production.” “Do I need Modernizr in order to make websites with CSS grid layout?” “If I wanted to use grid today, I’d have to build two to three versions of my website.” The CSS grid layout module is one of the most exciting developments since responsive design. We should try to get the best out of it as soon as possible, if it makes sense for us and our projects.

A Collection of Interesting Facts about CSS Grid Layout (off-site)

on CSS-Tricks

A few weeks ago I held a CSS Grid Layout workshop. Since I'm, like most of us, also pretty new to the topic, I learned a lot while preparing the slides and demos.

I decided to share some of the stuff that was particularly interesting to me, with you.

Writing JavaScript with accessibility in mind (off-site)

on Medium

Tips on how to improve the accessibility of your JavaScript components and provide users with more and better ways to interact with your website or web app.

Writing HTML with accessibility in mind (off-site)

on Medium

An introduction to web accessibility. Tips on how to improve your markup and provide users with more and betters ways to navigate and interact with your site.

I totally forgot about print style sheets

A small collection of useful CSS techniques and a quick reminder that print style sheets are still a thing.

Getting started with CSS Font Loading (off-site)

on Medium

I was in the mood to learn something new and so I decided to take a look at the CSS Font Loading API.