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Who sampled?

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It’s hard for me to enjoy surfing the web, because there are just too many things that annoy me: bad performance, pop-ups, too many ads, cookie dialogs, chat bots, push notifications, etc. Call it an occupational disease. Yet there are sites I enjoy using a lot, not because they don’t do the things I’ve listed, but because the service they provide is great.

An example I’ve posted on Twitter many times is who sampled, which lets you search for a song and then lists all songs that have been sampled in this song. For example, have you ever wondered where 2Pac got the piano part in his song Changes from? He sampled The Way It Is by “Bruce Hornsby and the Range”. Or did you know that the hook from Fatboy Slims 1998 hit Praise you originally comes from a song called Take Yo’ Praise by Camille Yarbrough? Oh man, I could spend hours on this site.