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Find Satoshi

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I just learned about a game called Perplex City which was released in 2005 in Chris Coyiers blog. It’s an alternative reality game, a game that uses the real world as a platform. The goal of the game was to solve puzzles printed on 256 cards with the main goal to find a Cube buried somewhere in the world. The cube was found 13 years ago and the winner of the game rewarded £100,000.
It wasn’t necessary to solve all card puzzles in order to find the cube. One of the hardest puzzles “Card #256, Billion to One” was finally solved last year, 14 years after it was released. The card showed the photo of a Japanese man and the words “Find me” and “My name is Satoshi” written on it.

I love the idea that people were so dedicated to solving the puzzle that they kept it up, even after so many years. One of the best things about this story is that Satoshi, the man on the photo, forgot about the game and didn’t even know that people were searching for him.

You can watch the story of the game and Card #256 on YouTube.