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It happened. I finally have a website.

Of course, it's not my first website but the first one in a long time. My very first personal site went online about 17 years ago. It was a table-based layout with no CSS at all. All styling happened by adding HTML attributes.

<font face="arial" size="4">

It was online for about 2 years. After that, the only thing I did was to change the under construction graphic periodically. As it turns out, I'm really bad at getting things done.

My first personal website. A all-green table-based layout.

Fast forward 10 years, I was at my second conference ever, at Smashing Conf Freiburg 2014. I was so inspired by the great talks I had seen, that I decided to set up a WordPress-based blog in one of the breaks to share my notes. The theme was slow and the design was boring but I had a website, which was great because I had the chance to share my knowledge.

My second personal site. A web development blog in German.

Again, I lost interest after 2 years because I didn’t like the design, the site was slow and there where cooler platforms to publish your articles at. I moved to Medium.

Medium is great for reach but its accessibility isn’t great and there’s an important thing missing: personality. Medium is just content. Besides writing, you can’t express yourself and show your style and your skills. You can’t experiment, you can’t try out new things, optimize performance, accessibility and user experience.

As already mentioned, I'm bad at getting things done. I always wanted to have a nice looking, fast, and all in all cool website but it just didn’t happen. Not until now! In 2019 I finally launched my new blog. It's by far not done but it's live and will work on it regularly and post articles.