CSS pro tip for mac users: always show scroll bars in macOS.

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I built a quite complicated component in HTML and CSS last week and I was happy with the result. After testing in different browsers and operating systems, I realised that I had to rewrite the whole thing because I didn’t consider that by default scroll bars don’t take up space on macOS, but on Windows they do.
I tweeted about a similar issue about a year ago, but it seems that I didn’t take my own advice, so here’s a reminder for you and me.

Change your macOS settings to always show scroll bars. This will help you spot overflow bugs, e.g. caused by width: 100vw, before anybody else does. :)

General settings screen in macOS with "scow scroll bars" set to "always"

Side note: Adding max-width: 100% often helps.

.header {
  width: 100vw;
  max-width: 100%;