Is there a polyfill for Declarative Shadow DOM?

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Yes, kinda.

Building a polyfill for declarative shadow DOM is straightforward: you find all <template shadowrootmode> elements and convert them to attached Shadow Roots on their parent element. That allows the web component to function in unsupported browsers but only when JavaScript is enabled and functioning.

(function attachShadowRoots(root) {
// find all templates with a shadowrootmode attribute
root.querySelectorAll("template[shadowrootmode]").forEach(template => {
// get the mode: open or closed
const mode = template.getAttribute("shadowrootmode");
// attach a shadow to the component
const shadowRoot = template.parentNode.attachShadow({ mode });
// append the content in the template
// remove the template

You should see a 4px dotted blue border, even in Firefox.

Source: Declarative Shadow DOM

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