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I was on the train home from Hamburg when I decided to finally migrate my website from Netlify and 11ty to Kirby on my friend's server. I got most of the work done on the train and made some final changes on Monday.

There's a lot you should consider when migrating from one tech stack to another. I didn't. I yoloed it, uploaded the site, and changed the DNS records, knowing there would be some damage.

Is that smart? No.

Did it work? Seems like it. At least, I didn't notice too much. There's only one thing: If you've subscribed to my site via RSS, you might see all of my ~200 posts as unread. I'm sorry. I've messed something up with the dates. Please ignore that and mark all posts as read. Thank you!

Was it worth it? Yes, because now I'm one step closer to finally redesigning my site.

If you notice anything else broken, please let me know via mail. (