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I just came home after three beautiful days in Amsterdam, where I gave a talk at the CSS Day conference. I’ve watched many inspirational and engaging presentations and had many interesting conversations. My biggest takeaway: The CSS community needs you!

First things first: CSS Day is a wonderful event, and the community is lovely. If you can, consider attending it!

Adam Argyle was the MC on the first day, and after every talk, he chanted, “CSS! CSS! CSS!“. It was silly but funny. It was Adam’s way of showing appreciation for how far we’ve come with the language and how powerful it is.

After the first day, I was chatting about CSS in a bar with some friends. Stephan said it’s great that browsers are shipping so many new features, but we need people to use them in real projects, share their experiences in talks and articles, and show the world what CSS is capable of.
I agree because most of us still need to understand how groundbreaking some of these additions to the language are. That can only change if we’re curious and experiment, share what we’ve learned, and discuss it, but it’s not enough to rely on people like Stephanie Eckles, Ahmad Shadeed, Michelle Barker, Adam Argyle, Bramus Van Damme, Una Kravets, or Kevin Powell to do that. Especially with CSS-Tricks dying slowly*, we need more people to give CSS a stage.
We also agreed that we need more people to push CSS to its limits and explore what else we can get from Grid, custom properties, :has(), container queries, etc., beyond the obvious use cases.

That’s where I ask you a favour: Please write more about CSS. Show us what you’ve built and how you build it. The CSS community needs more voices, ideas, and solutions.

Screenshot of Unas Talk. Her on the left on the right a slide that says 'organize a css meetup/event'

That's not the only favour I have to ask you.

In her talk, Una Kravets informed us that there's only 1 CSS conference. dev.events currently lists 53 JavaScript and 0 CSS events for the rest of the year. How is that possible?
My friends Björn and Jan started the CSS-in-Vienna meetup several years ago and I absolutely love it. Meeting with like-minded folks regularly and talking about CSS is fun, helpful, and motivating. We need more conferences and meetups that focus on CSS.

The second favour I have to ask you is to organize a CSS event in your hometown!

If you've written an article about CSS or if you are organizing an event, send me a link, and I'll share it!

* I’m usually not a pessimist, but I don’t see how CSS-Tricks could get back on its feet, and I fear that it could meet a similar fate like scotch.io which also got acquired by Digital Ocean.