About me

Hi, my name is Manuel Matuzović! I’m a frontend developer, consultant, accessibility auditor, writer, and speaker from Vienna, currently living in Graz. I’m a fan of web standards and a staunch believer in progressive enhancement, and I'm specialized in web accessibility and large-scale CSS.

Currently, I'm for hire and open to new opportunities. You can contact me via e-mail (manuel@matuzo.at).

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about me and my work.

Selfie from above. On the floor next to me HELL written in large letters.


I’ve started my web development career in 2008 by working as a full-stack web developer in an ad agency. After two years, I became a freelancer and transitioned slowly from full-stack to specializing in web accessibility and CSS. This allowed me to not just take development jobs, but also audit websites and consult companies and institutions. I spent the past ~4 years working as a senior frontend developer for WHD and the City of Vienna.
Starting 2023, I'm going back to being a full-time freelancer again.

What I can offer

Technologies and tools

Here's a list of keywords that describe the areas, technologies, and tools I'm experienced with best:

What I expect

A selection of my past and current clients

City of Vienna Burgtheater Shopify XXXL Digital Share Now

Workshops and teaching

I have a passion for teaching about the things I enjoy in web development. I offer workshops for companies and teaching for universities and colleges in German and English.


If you're interested in in-house or online teaching, I can prepare a single or multi-day workshop tailor-made for you. I'm open to topics and formats, but here are some ideas based on previous workshops I did with other clients.


I've been teaching on and off since 2010. My topics are HTML, CSS, web accessibility, and web development in general. Travelling within Austria is no issue and outside of Austria it depends on the frequency.

I've taught at the following institutions

SAE Vienna
FH Salzburg FH Salzburg
Communication and Multimedia Design Amsterdam | HvA FH Joanneum | HvA ZID der Uni Wien | HvA

(This list includes regular engagements as well as guest lectures.)

Writing and speaking

I write about HTML and CSS on my personal blog, on HTMHell, and other sites like web.dev or Smashing Magazine.

CSS-Tricks web.dev
Smashing Magazine
A List Apart

I like to speak about CSS, HTML, and web accessibility. I gave talks at more than 35 events in 9 different countries. This includes the following events:

Smashing Conference
Beyond Tellerand
React Finland

Get in touch

Summarizing, I love the web and especially frontend development. ❤️

If you want to work with me or if you're interested in an audit or a workshop, please contact me via email (manuel@matuzo.at) or find me on Mastodon. I'd be happy to get to know you!