Manuel Matuzovic

Hi! I'm a frontend developer from Vienna. I'm specialized in HTML, accessibility, and CSS layout and architecture.

If you want to get in touch, write me an email or find me on Mastodon.

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Web Components Accessibility FAQ

I specialize in HTML and CSS, but I also write JS. Especially in the last year or so, I wrote quite a lot of JavaScript because we decided to port the front end of one of my clients to web components.

When I first learned about web components, I had a lot of questions, especially regarding accessibility. While I found answers to many of them, I didn’t know everything I would’ve wanted to know. I wish I had a catalog of all the essential questions and answers when I started. That’s why I decided to design this post in a Q&A format. I’ll ask a question regarding the accessibility of web components, and then I’ll answer it.

New workshop: Advanced Modern CSS Masterclass

In my newest workshop I introduce you to the most useful modern features in CSS and show how you can implement them today in your code base to improve scalability, maintainability, and productivity.

Visually hidden links with 0 dimensions

If you have used a visually-hidden class in the past, you might have noticed that the width and height is set to 1px and not 0. I’ve always wondered why.

O dialog focus, where art thou?

Here’s a job interview question for you: When you click a button and call the showModal() method to open a modal <dialog>, where does the focus go by default, and how can you move it elsewhere?

the details element and in-page search

An important factor in terms of UX and accessibility for deciding whether the <details> element is the right solution for a problem is the find-in-page behaviour.

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