Manuel Matuzovic

Hi! I'm a frontend developer from Vienna. I'm specialized in HTML, accessibility, and CSS layout and architecture.

If you want to get in touch, write me an email or find me on twitter.

Recent posts

Day 46: ordering layers

By default, cascade layers are stacked in the order they are defined, but you don’t have to rely on it. You can determine the order in one place.

Day 42: aspect-ratio

Yes, I know, aspect-ratio is not the hottest shit, but Safari only starting supporting it in version 15 and there’s a lot I didn’t know about the property. That’s reason enough for me to write about it. :)

Day 41: custom properties and url()s

Let’s say you want to swap the background image of an element based on a certain condition, like whether it’s pressed, using custom properties.

Day 38: vh, svh, lvh, and dvh

Using the viewport unit vh in desktop browsers is usually straight-forward, 100vh matches the height of the viewport. On mobile that's different because the viewport height changes depending on whether or not certain user interface elements are visible, 100vh doesn't always match the height of the viewport.

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